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         or email: [email protected]

Holistic Therapy Consultancy & Health Management Centre

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How can we help you?


  • If you have general pain

  • If you have a sports injury or other physical disorders

  • If you have back pains

  • If you require rehabilitative treatment

  • If you would like preventative care

  • If you are suffering from stress or other psychological disorders

  • If you would like individual nutritional advice

  • If you are seeking to improve your general health

  • If you are simply feeling under the weather or have pre-illness concerns


Then please come and visit us.


Your visit to the House of Harmony begins with an initial thorough consultation. This key stage allows us to understand your concerns, make a diagnosis, and discuss with you a bespoke treatment programme to suit your needs.


Treatment usually begins with a relaxing head massage to relieve common tensions, followed by your tailored treatment programme, which usually combines more than one natural therapy, in order to thoroughly treat your concern.


After the main treatment, you will receive aromatherapy or reflexology in order to reinforce the effects of previous treatments. Finally we provide herbal tea to complete your visit.  

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A unique service offering a combination of Eastern

and Western therapies, tailored to suit your needs.

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