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Holistic Therapy Consultancy & Health Management Centre


Sandra Langridge


"As a sufferer of Fribromyalga and Alopecia, I visited Joanna once a week for over a year. During this time Joanna applied deep tissue muscle massage to help release the tension in the muscles throughout my body.


This type of therapy helps with the overall tension that people like me suffer. Joanna also helped me recognise the importance of regular massages and of the many other therapies that are offered, not just for sports injuries but for a complete mind and body wellness. It is because of this experience with Joanna that I now recognise what and when my body needs treatment and how to be kinder to myself. Massage is not a luxury it is a necessity.


I am an active person and still am until this day. I still have regular deep tissue massages and would not be as active as I am if it was not for the education and hands-on treatments from Joanna.


Thank you Joanna for introducing me to better health and the ability to help myself through massage."

Linda Soutar


"I first visited Joanna at her clinic in Shanghai in 2003 when I was suffering from a severe case of achilles tendonitis.


My condition was chronic.  It had developed gradually over two or three years and had now reached the stage where I could no longer walk without pain (golf, one of my hobbies, was now completely out of the question!).  I had not had any success with standard western treatments.


Joanna prescribed several sessions of acupuncture, each immediately followed by deep massage of the localised area.  Throughout the weeks the pain diminished till it just disappeared!


It is Joanna's life's vocation to heal and she has unique skills drawn from her combined knowledge of both Chinese & Western therapies."