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Holistic Therapy Consultancy & Health Management Centre

One patient had had a bad headache for over 25 years.  She had been to numerous doctors and had many different treatments, with no success.  She had been seeing a professor of acupuncture in the UK, once a week for over 18 months, paying for each treatment.  After a consultation and some simple tests, I treated her 3 times in total, for about 1½ hours each treatment, and followed this with a couple of health care treatments. Her headache has completely disappeared. “If I am sick again, wherever Joanna is, I will spend whatever it costs to go to see her and ask her to treat me.”


An old German gentleman had had a neck vertebra injury.  He could not raise up his head and he had had a constant pain in the neck, shoulder and upper back for some few years. By chance, one of his friends recommended him to come to China to see me for some treatments.  He accepted the advice and flew to Shanghai from Germany.


I saw him on the second night after his arrival.  I performed acupuncture treatment and followed this with some massage therapy. The next evening, he and his wife went to the Grand Hyatt hotel in the Jin Mao tower Shanghai to look at the famous view of the ceiling 34 floors up from the hotel lounge.  The patient told me very excitedly at his next session with me that he could raise up his head to look at the ceiling without any thought and with no pain at all. His wife was very surprised.



1987-1990   - Anhui University: graduated with a BA degree in English                      

1990-1996   - Seven-year apprenticeship at Professor Li’s TCM Clinic  

                       of the Beijing University of TCM

2001            - Diploma course in Acupuncture, Moxibustion and  

                       Remedial Massage at the Beijing University of TCM

1996-2006   - Chinese massage and physiotherapy practice,      


2000-Now    - ATP and WTA Tennis Tours: massage therapists’ team  

                       leader in China and, more lately, Switzerland

2006-2008   - Doctor at the Centre Pour La Medicine Traditionnelle  

                       Chinoise, Montreux, Switzerland

2008-2009   - Truro College UK (Plymouth University) Foundation  

                       Diploma in Complementary Body Therapies          

                       (reflexology, aromatherapy, head and body massage  

                       with anatomy & physiology, nutrition)

2010-2011    - Senior Doctor at Sinomed SA, Montreux, Switzerland

2011             - Featured in the prestigious Swiss Journal L'Illustré in a

                       special edition focussing on natural therapies (Mar 2011)          

2012             - Started The House of Harmony new holistic therapy




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The House of Harmony realizes Dr. Joanna Guo Brimelow’s long-standing vision to ally the ancient healing traditions of China with modern complimentary medicine in a state-of-the-art clinic.


New Holistic Therapy, Dr. Guo Brimelow’s proven practice of combining the best natural therapies from Eastern and Western healing cultures to treat a wide variety of chronic ailments, is the culmination of a 16-year career spent treating patients from top athletes to members of the wider public suffering from long-standing conditions.


She now returns to Shanghai - where, after years spent under the tutelage of the great Professor Li, she had opened her first solo practice in 1996 - and this brings her journey full circle.



Dr. Guo Brimelow, who was most recently a senior practitioner at the

prestigious Sinomed Natural Therapies Clinic in Montreux Switzerland,

is a passionate advocate of Chinese medicine and how it can work in harmony with modern Western treatments for the benefit of patients in both societies.

Underpinning Dr. Guo Brimelow’s dream is the support and encouragement of her English husband and young son. After two years of preparation, the family finally left the Swiss Alps to start a new home in Shanghai and bring Dr Guo’s innovative approach back to China.

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