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Physiotherapy provides a means of improving the movements of the muscles, joints and limbs. It is a diverse discipline and can be used to treat

  a vast range of conditions.

Physiotherapy is a modern, Western adaption of the ancient

  medical massage practices developed in China.  


Modern Western physical therapy dates back to P-H Ling, who

  founded the Swedish Institute of Gymnastics for massage,

  manipulation and exercise in 1813.


Forms of treatment:

  Massage: involves patterns and sequences of hand movements,

    which ease tension in muscles and joints, improve blood flow, and

    increase mobility and flexibility.

  Hydrotherapy: usually takes place in a specialised pool.  Exercises,

    coupled with the pressure of the water, improve circulation and

    allow muscles/joints to move more freely.  

  Electrotherapy: involves the use of controlled very mild electric

    shocks in order to increase nerve activity. This decreases muscle

    pain, aids muscle repair and regeneration.

  Exercise and Movement: one of the fundamental concepts of

    physiotherapy is to improve the range of movement of joints

    and muscles, to achieve flexibility and reduced stiffness.



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