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Holistic Therapy Consultancy & Health Management Centre

The Chinese pharmacopoeia lists more than 6,000 different medicinal

  substances – mostly herbs, but also other food items and even some non-food

  items - in terms of their properties and the disharmonies that they can address.

  Of these about 600 are in common use.


Herbs are classified in two major dimensions:

  temperature characteristics: hot (re), warm (wen), cold (han), neutral (ping) and  


  taste property: sour (suan), bitter (ku), sweet (gan), spicy (xin), and salty (xian).


Herbs do not have one property, combinations of temperature and taste give

  a herb its properties that can influence the yin and yang energy patterns of

  the body.


Because Doctors use a holistic approach to treatment using herbs, they rarely

  prescribe a single herb to treat a condition and they create formulae instead.

  A formula usually contains at least four to twenty or more herbs.


Decoction – boiling for 20-30 minutes in water – is the traditional method of

  preparing herbal medicine.


Herbs have a multitude of medical application, too many to list.

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