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Kinesiotherapy is particularly used in rehabilitation programmes (examples: cancer surgery, lymph drainage, hematoma treatment,

  muscle tension) and sports/exercise programmes for strains, tendinitis or simply prolonging fitness.

The definition of kinesiotherapy is: “Application of scientifically based  

  exercise principles adapted to enhance the strength, endurance and  

  mobility of individuals with functional limitations or those requiring extended  

  physical conditioning” (The American Kinesiotherapy Association - AKTA).


It is based on the new science of human kinetics – the body in motion.


Many of the techniques used are those of massage therapy but one  

  unique aspect is the use of Kinesio-taping. This method was invented by  

  the Japanese chiropractor, Dr K Kase, in 1980.


Kinesio-taping facilitates the body’s natural healing process by providing

  support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s

  range of motion. Also provides extended soft tissue manipulation to

  prolong the benefits of manual therapy administered within the clinical



Kinesio-tape is available in different modes of action, it is latex free and can

  be worn for many days.