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Holistic Therapy Consultancy & Health Management Centre

Joanna Guo Brimelow

The House of Harmony is lead by Doctor Joanna Guo Brimelow who has nearly twenty years experience in different Chinese and Western therapies. The clinic is the realization of a novel and personal vision she has cultivated over many years. Joanna has formerly run her own clinic in Shanghai, and since become a senior member of staff at the prestigious Sinomed clinic in Montreux, Switzerland. She has qualifications in Chinese therapies (Beijing University of Chinese Traditional Medicine) as well as in Western therapies (Plymouth University, UK). Joanna is also the therapy team leader for the tennis ATP and WTA tours in China.

Dr Guo Brimelow specialises in joint and muscle injuries, particularly sports injuries, and in psychological problems, but she is also expert in many other health issues.


In the Chinese tradition, the House of Harmony is advised by three of the foremost TCM doctors in China:


Professor Li Yi Jiu of the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Doctor Ding Yu Lin of the popular TCM family in Shanghai, who currently works as a private TCM doctor.


Doctor Zhu Ding Cheng, head of the massage department at the HuaDong hospital, Shanghai, and the designated official inheritor of the Zhu’s YizhiChan therapy (a focused pressure technique, many centuries old).


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Joanna Guo Brimelow


The House of Harmony is truly unique in that we bring together Eastern and Western treatments to produce one approach to healing, paying attention to both body and mind.


Our staff and advisors are highly regarded experts, many of them averaging more that twenty years clinical experience, all of them are at the top level of their specialised areas.